Steps I Use To Make My Mom Healthier

My mom hates exercise and drinking water – two things that I want her to do so I can have her around as long as possible!  If you or someone you know, needs an easy way to incorporate this into your life, I’ve had great success (for 2 months straight now!) encouraging my mom to do these things:

1.     Set your oven timer for an hour.  Every time it goes off, force yourself to get up from whatever you’re doing, march five times in place, and drink a full glass of water;

2.    In the morning, grab your phone and call a friend and walk for 10 minutes around the house.  It’s really easy, and the time goes by super fast!  It feels like fun!

3.    Every evening, do three easy roll up stomach exercises on your bed.

Starting small really builds a solid foundation and makes the next step so much easier!  The first step can be as tiny as needed.