Where Did The Tradition Of Spring Cleaning Come From?

Virtually all cultures around the world spring clean their homes.  Though many ethnicities and religions have incorporated this into their rituals, ancient man, who cleaned for survival and health reasons, pre-dates them all.  Every year, the fall and winter bring days that are shorter, colder, and darker.  People’s energy levels drop due to limited exposure to light and plummeting levels of melatonin.  As a result, they spend less time cleaning and more time staying warm on the couch.  They don’t open windows, clean, dust, or put their linens out to dry.  By the time spring brings warmer temperatures, their living environments need to be addressed.

There is a scientific reason behind the desire to clean spring.  Bacteria thrives with heat.  As temperatures rise, people start cleaning almost instinctively to prevent disease and promote immune function.  Spring cleaning rids the home of mold, clutter, and germs from winter colds and flu.

Spring has arrived once again.  It’s time to air out your home!  Clean the floors.  Sweep the ash and debris away from the wood stove.  Vacuum the carpets.  Wet wipe the baseboards.  Dust the picture frames, bookshelves, and window sills.  It’s time!  If you’d like help with these things, we’re only a phone call away:  (206) 348-1971.