30 Minutes a Day Is All You Need

Everyone wants to be fit, to be healthy, to look good, and be strong. And, as long as you stay healthy and strong, you probably wouldn’t mind living longer, too.

There are so many studies on how to achieve those things. Studies, however, because we’re inundated with them all day long, and, because their theses become usurped, debunked, or disproven by even more studies, are something I always view with a skeptical eye.

What I see for my own eyes is that my grandmother, who is 103 and healthy, never stepped foot in a gym. But what she did do was never smoke, drank in moderation, and kept busy. She didn’t lift a weight in her life, but she moved. She took care of the lawn, she gardened, she worked until she was 80, she played card with her girlfriends (now, mind you, she never had a best friend, but she had a circle of acquaintances she could hang out with). She didn’t overeat, she ate sweets in moderation, she cursed when she needed to, and she found a lot of things amusing.

What I see for my own eyes is that when I just make sure I get 30 minutes of movement in the day — whether it’s walking, lifting weights, doing squats, doing physical work, I get fit and toned, I sleep better, and I’m happier with myself. I have girlfriends who do the same thing and get the same results.

Now if you love the gym — go for it! I’m all about if it makes you money or if it makes you happy — I’m all in for you! But I don’t think you need it.

I do think you need 30 minutes a day. I read an interview with Helen Mirren — who has an amazing figure at over 70 and who is, seemingly, healthy and fit  well — say that when she felt the need to get in shape, she did the good, old-fashioned calisthenics in this book.

I’m going to order mine now. And now that you’re going to be spending 30 minutes a day doing this, you’re going to need help with keeping your home clean to make up that time! Easy peasy — we’ve got you and your fitness covered – just book online at Susan’s Green Cleaning