Why Does Susan’s Green Cleaning Get Your Feedback After Each Cleaning?

Because we care. We care about you, we care about your happiness. And we care about our quality and reputation as Seattle’s #1 Rated Green Cleaning Company. By getting your feedback after each cleaning, we keep our standards high, and we get essential information on how we can tweak your cleaning if we need. It’s not unusual for a customer to give us 5 star feedback and add a little note that says, “Would you mind paying extra attention to under our beds?” in that same “review” or “scorecard.” It doesn’t mean anything was done “bad,” it just means there is a little something that you would like done and, believe me, every single thing you write is read by at least two of us in the office. Susan (me!) reads them all as they come in. I anxiously await them and I do air pumps (embarrassingly — but I don’t care, as I am happy when we have made a customer’s day) when we get raves, and if something is not absolutely perfect (even if it’s still 5 stars), I immediately go to our profile notes and update the work order so that we can make sure to fix anything that wasn’t just perfect. If we get a 3 star or below, that is failing for us. That means that you will be getting a phone call and we will be making whatever it is that wasn’t just right…right! We hope you don’t mind getting the feedback emails…it’s just asking us how you’re feeling about that particular cleaning, and what, if anything, we can do better 🤗