What Makes Susan’s Green Cleaning Green?

What makes Susan’s Green Cleaning green?

• We use NO toxic cleaning agents.
• We use NO cleaning agent known to harm aquatic life.
• We use NO cleaning agents known to harm reproductive life.
• Our cleaning cloth are reusable, sustainable microfiber.
• Our company cars are Toyota Hybrid Priuses.
• Our cleaning agents are 100% natural.
• We manufacture our own DI water which comprises over 70% of our cleaning agents.
• We buy in bulk whenever possible.
• We mend our own aprons and uniforms.
• We use high energy washing machines.
• We’re EnviroStar certified.
• We use low energy lightbulbs in our office and only use artificial lighting as necessary.
• We repurpose everything we can.
• We use Ridwell to dispose of supply packaging and/or recycle.

What products do we use? What grade does the EWG (Environmental Working Group) give them?
• Bon Ami with EWG Grade of “A”
• ECOS Cleaner with EWG Grade of “A”
• DI Water with EWG Grade of “A”
• Degreaser with EWG Grade of “A”
• Ben A Qui with EWG Grade of “A”
• Pumice stones (for ovens and toilets): sustainable and eco friendly – no current grade
• Scrapers: reusable and long-lasting – no current grade