Health Benefits of a Clean Home For Allergies & Asthma

One of the greatest benefits to having a clean home is the reduction of allergies and relieving symptoms for asthma and allergy sufferers. Susan’s Green Cleaning uses exclusively Miele vacuums, known as the top of the line vacuum in the United States and Europe, which remove 99.97% of allergens in the air. We use HEPA filters which are absolutely fantastic at removing dust mites, pet dander, and a dozen of other allergens that cause cold and flu-like symptoms as well as breathing problems. Clean house – clean and clear breathing!

“Dust mites, pet dander and mold lurk in physical possessions, which can trigger allergic reactions, decrease air quality and increase potential asthma problems,” says Dr. Uma Gavani, an allergy and asthma specialist on staff at Christ Medical Center. “The more stuff you have in your home, the harder it is to clean. Messy areas increase the potential for dust, pet dander and mold to accumulate in closets, on surfaces and in crevices.”

Clean house – clean and clear breathing!