Rice Water Toner / Cleanser for Beautiful Skin!

I make this alternative skin cleanser myself — rice water!  Rice water is awesome for your skin and truly makes it apple smooth.  I remember reading that women who worked in rice patties had unusually young looking hands, and so people started using rice water for their faces!  It’s easy to make but only lasts a couple of days so make sure you put it in the fridge right away or it will start to smell!.  Use it in the morning on a cotton ball  instead of a cleanser.  (You don’t need anything harsh in the morning anyway.)

Make sure to use organic white rice.  Use about 1/2 cup and then fill the jar with water until it is a bit above 3/4 cup.  Let sit for 15 minutes so the minerals and vitamins release into the water.  Strain and discard the rice (or cook!).

Organic Body care is an important part of health!