In Every Room

Kitchen & Dining Room


All Other Rooms

Living Room/Entryway/Offices/Bedrooms/Laundry Room

Client Information

Client Special Requests

We keep a detailed profile on each client and their needs. This cleaning list can be adapted to meet the needs of each client.

Time Restrictions

If there are time restrictions set by the client (i.e., only allowing so many hours), we may not have enough time to finish all the above. Time restricted jobs are not covered under the Susan’s Green Cleaning satisfaction guarantee.

Not Offered

We do not offer wall washing, blind washing (although we do dust them), carpet shampooing, chandelier washing, or apply waxes, sealants, or finishes to surfaces (although we do clean them!). We do not clean inside of closets unless specifically requested by customer (this is considered your private space).


Please note that the Maintenance and Deep Cleaning checklists are the same: the only difference is the amount of time the initial deep cleaning takes.